Delilah Slender Flat Head Vibe


This waterproof, vibrating, multi-speed Flat-Head vibe is long, strong and slender. The Flat-Head vibrator is the perfect way to achieve intense clitoral and erogenous zone stimulation. Great for beginners and advanced users alike, this smooth piece can be used internally or externally for targeted stimulation of several key erogenous zones of a woman's vulva. The clitoris, labia, and periurethral areas are ripe with nerve endings and the ergonomically designed Delilah can please them all! The head is a flat disc-like shape on one side and rounded on the back, making either side great for stimulation, depending on the sensation you desire. Waterproof for wet or dry fun. Includes a free storage sack! Arousing vibrations delivered precisely where you want them!

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